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Dealing with Difficult People

April 2, 10, or 18

Visualize yourself ready to meet the challenge of that difficult person. You’re strong, confident, with resources at the ready. Tempers don’t flair, miscommunications are minimized, and relationships are restored. That’s you after this webinar.


Navigating the Personalities

April 4, 16, or 24

Imagine having insight into each person’s world. Their feelings. Their perspective. Their motivation. Imagine being equipped with this insight so that you can build better rapport, authentic connections, stronger bonds. You’ll have this super power after the webinar.


Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence

April 3, 9, or 25

Picture yourself having complete control and understanding of your emotions. Now picture yourself helping others keep control of their’s. Picture your world with less stress, less drama. We’ll help you make that picture a reality in this webinar.


Developing a Mindfulness Practice

April 11, 17, or 23

Visualize yourself starting your day with calm focus. You’re in control of your thoughts, not that endless loop of critical mantras that keeps repeating. You’ve stopped obsessing about the past or future. You’re in the moment. Bring your mind to this webinar and we’ll get you there.


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Meet Your Communication Coach
Paul Peixoto

Paul has been training and inspiring professionals for over 25 years. He's president and founder of The Serra Group, Inc., a professional development training company headquartered in the New York metropolitan area. He is also the creator of WorkerWhole the online brand of Serra. Constantly before audiences, Paul has accumulated thousands of training hours. The result of his effort is that he has trained thousands to perform at their peak throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As a past member of ASTD, NSA, and a certified NLP practitioner he's led hundreds of professional and personal development keynotes and workshops. His corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Genentech, and Novartis. With an intimate knowledge of the psychology of training he has motivated many to change their behavior and perform with excellence.


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