EQ is the New IQ: Developing Emotional Intelligence

Master your emotions before they master you!


After This Course You'll Be Able To ~

  • Control your emotions before they get control of you

  • Learn how to interpret the emotional signals of others

  • Communicate with co-workers more effectively 

  • Demonstrate more self-control and confidence in stressful situations

  • Be able to identify and understand your emotional state at any moment

  • Get to the issues rather than being stuck in the emotions of an argument

  • Build stronger relationships that last

  • Use the emotional state of others to build better relationships

What You'll Learn

Eight modules, which contain 14 video lessons, accompanied by additional material in PDF and video format. Plus bonus material in PDF and video formats!


course design
pacing the learning experience
extra & bonus materials

History, Definition and Physiology of EQ

evolution of the concept
principle players
major works associated w/EQ
working definition of EQ
how our brains work with emotion

Overview & Detail of EQ Models

definition of EQ models
approach each model takes
differences in each model
preferred model for this course

The Four Competencies of EQ

Outlining the four competencies
Self Management
Social Awareness
Relationship Management
relationships between the four 
our approach the four competencies

Self-Awareness - the starting place

defining Self-Awareness
characteristics of self-awareness
a vocabulary of emotion
emotional groupings & families
7 tactics for building self-awareness: 
Hang the Judge
Deeper In
Get Physical
Mood Moderation
The Why
suggestions for application
summary of learnings

Self Management - applying self-awareness

defining Self Management
characteristics of self management
9 tactics for building self management:
Emotions vs Reason
Go Public
Sleep On It
Model Best Practices
Kill The Critic
Choice Is Good
suggestions for application
summary of learnings

Social Awareness - using emotional data to understand others

defining Social Awareness
characteristics of social awareness
7 tactics for building social awareness:
The Name Game
Nurture Your Anthropologist
The Empathic Connection
Do Your Homework
Practice Presence
Movie Reviewer
Read The Room
suggestions for application
summary of learnings

Relationship Management - using emotional data to build better relationships

defining Relationship Management
traits of relationship management
7 tactics for building relationship management skills:
Curious George
Communication Style
Feedback Ready
Trust Builders
Get Mad Right
Empath Example
Intention Impact
suggestions for application
summary of learnings

Test Drive The Course!

Here's a one-minute sample of the course from the second module.


"Thank you for the fabulous training this past weekend. Just when I think that I have nowhere to grow and that I have hit my potential, I realize there is another level!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to implement the skills that you provided to us.  I appreciated your patience and listening to what we are really saying we struggle with. Your expertise goes above and beyond any training that I have experienced.  You are best practice, Paul, and I will continue to strive to get there!"

Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD
Outpatient Nutrition Manager/Metabolic Dietitian

"Paul, has been a great source of help in my business development. His training has strengthened me, enabling me to approach clients with confidence and assurance that no task is beyond me. I’m indebted to his expertise!"

Luis Camacho
Technical Sales Engineer and Musician

"In reflecting on the workshop, I believe it was the best of the many I have been involved in."

David Meyer

"We have a world-class trainer here."

Duygu Tangular
Director, Novartis Oncology

Our Guarantee

Our course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If, after applying the strategies and tactics you feel that you haven’t grown in your awareness and understanding of emotional intelligence we will refund the fee for the course less a $10 service charge.

Meet Your Trainer Paul Peixoto

Paul has been training and inspiring professionals for over 25 years. He's president and founder of The Serra Group, Inc., a professional development training company headquartered in the New York metropolitan area. He is also the creator of WholeWorker the online brand of Serra. Constantly before audiences, Paul has accumulated thousands of training hours. The result of his effort is that he has trained thousands to perform at their peak throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As a past member of ASTD, NSA, and a certified NLP practitioner he's led hundreds of professional and personal development keynotes and workshops. His corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Genentech, and Novartis. With an intimate knowledge of the psychology of training he has motivated many to change their behavior and perform with excellence.


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