Streaming-video lessons are designed to fit your lifestyle. Never more than twenty minutes in length, they are to the point and easy to apply to your life that same day!


Unlike other courses, which are often sleep-inducing PowerPoint slideshows, you're in this classroom with the instructor, who uses humorous stories to help illustrate vital concepts.

Practical Exercises

This is real training, not merely teaching lectures! The objective is changed behavior and new skills that can be applied to daily life, not simply knowledge transfer.

Top three Questions Asked About NTP

• you'll understand why you think and talk like you do
• you'll understand why they think and talk like they do
• you'll communicate effectively with everyone
• you'll establish rapport quickly and develop new relationships
• you'll become aware of other points of view and expand yours
• you'll have more fun with people who are different from you
• you'll spend less time judging others
• you'll collaborate better with coworkers
• you'll enjoy sharing what’s on your mind in your own style
• you'll strengthen your personality’s strengths and weaken its weaknesses

The course is divided into 14 lessons which total 2 hours and 42 minutes of video training. So, technically you could finish it in an afternoon or evening, but I wouldn't recommend that! For the skills to become a part of your life it's better to view one or two lessons and take a day to apply what you've learned. Using this approach most students find they complete the course in about a week or two.

Once you've completed the course your trainer is always available for personal coaching via email and live video chat. In addition, the course is always updated, and you'll have lifetime access to the most current course materials.

A video sample of your course.

This is a 2.5 minute clip taken from the almost 3 hours of video contained in 14 lessons. In this video we compare various life skills between the four different types. Find out which type is the best listener!


Click the button below to enroll today and start building better relationships with all personality types!

Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

"Just when I think that I have nowhere to grow and that I have hit my potential, I realize there is another level!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to implement the skills that you provided. Your expertise goes above and beyond any training that I have experienced."

Luis Camacho, Musician

"WholeWorker, has been a great source of help in my personal development. The training has strengthened me, enabling me to approach clients with confidence and assurance that no task is beyond me. I’m indebted to their expertise!"

William Song, MD

"The material was a real eye-opener for me. It has helped me to discover things about myself and my purpose that I had never thought much about before. It has helped me to clarify my vision and taught me the tools and techniques to make that vision a reality."


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